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Source Tagging is the process of embedding an EAS label into a product's primary packaging or into the product itself at the point of manufacture.

The process leads to greater retail chain efficiencies, increased sales, lower shrink and higher profitability.

Source Tagging offers a security solution to reduce shrinkage, improve customer service, increase product availability and boost sales. There is virtually no product that cannot be source tagged. Products being source tagged today cover all categories including automotive aftermarket, apparel, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care items, jewelry, watches, home center products, general merchandise, toys, sporting goods, books, batteries, consumer electronics, and grocery items.
STAG Solution Limited (STAG) established as a resource center for EAS Source Tagging. STAG provides Source Tagging solutions and supports for the most common technologies in the market.

Our labels are of the highest quality and performance, from the original manufacturer, and have been approved by major retailers worldwide.

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